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“The original one-and-only library book bin on wheels.”

Library Book Bins - Storage Unit on Wheels School Book Bins - Storage Unit on Wheels

   Bookbins™ provide more book storage capacity than 11 feet of regular shelving, but in a portable format. Use our book bins for easy readers, seasonal books, graphic novels, etc. The open book bins stay neat yet make book selection fun and easy for littler kids. Roll our wooden book bins about the library or throughout the school.

   Roll a Bookbins™ book bin display onto the floor and watch the kids flock to it! Seeing book covers — instead of spines — displayed at just their height is irresistibly appealing to youngsters. They love the excitement of flipping through the books. These rolling book bins make it so much easier for kids' hands to manage than shelves.

   In fact, librarians report markedly higher circulation when they pull their easy readers, picture books, even non-fiction, off of shelves and display them in Bookbins units instead. Make the switch to Bookbins™ units in your library. Bookbins make books look better!

"I love my Bookbins™! They are simpler to use and easier to maintain for the younger students. We group our books by the author's last initial-- rather than by the last name — so the students know where to look for the book they want, and can replace it appropriately. Bookbins are lower in height than regular bookcases, so I can use them to section off my library and still be able to see my kindergartners. Bookbins™ protect books. The speaker at a recent book repair seminar mentioned that using bins puts less stress on books because students aren't grabbing them by the spine as they do when pulling them off shelves. Thank you for a great product!"

- Mary Bryant, Media Specialist, Petal Elementary School, Mississippi

Roll a Bookbins book bin display onto the floor and watch the kids flock to it!Enthusiastic Customers:

American Int'l School, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Juneau Schools
Don Reynolds Public Library, Little Rock
Ignacio Public Library
Leroy Drive Elementary School, Northglenn
Silverton Public Library
Scranton Public Library, Madison
Gene Witt Elementary, Bradenton

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